Is There A Profit Within The Tire Recycling Business?

For authorities and waste management authorities, one of the more substantial and problematic sources of waste in municipalities is worn-out and used tires. Fortunately, and also this presents a profitable business opportunity for entrepreneurs because recycled rubber can be utilized in various applications.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

More Opportunity

It had been not too long ago that if tires were old with no longer useful, they were stockpiled. In fact, as soon as the 1990s, only around 10% of old tires were recycled and transformed into new end-use products and materials. However, with all the growth of recycling programs throughout the country, in the end of 2017, over 80% of end-use products and materials were produced from scrap tires:

When you are thinking about the forms of outlets which have availability for processed tires, listed below are some end-use markets that were identified by the USTMA (United State Tire Manufacturers Association) to be top markets for scrap tire rubber recycling.

One marketplace is the TDF (Tire-derived fuel) market. This particular fuel is able to generate more heat in comparison with coal that is a similar weight. Because of this TDF presents itself being a cleaner plus more attractive alternative to coal for many different uses such as pulp and paper mills and cement kilns.

Another outlet in which tyre recycling machinery for sale is helpful is ground rubber uses. This type of rubber is made when scrap tires are ground into smaller items of rubber that is of numerous sizes.

There are several popular applications for ground rubber like:

- Rubber products

- Rubber mats

- Landscaping mulch

- Asphalt modified by rubber

The use of ground rubber has resulted in the use of over 60 million waste tires just in 2017. This can be more than 25% of your tires which were found in the scrap tire industry.

Recycled waste tires can also be becoming popular in civil engineering also. These tires are employed as substitute for landfill construction, clay and sand, landfill cover and septic tank fields. The tire applications for civil engineering were over 15 million tires in 2017, which can be over 8% in the total.

Recycled waste tires were also used in other markets including professionally engineered tire bales and then for providing power for electric arc furnaces. Every one of these applications combined are the cause of another 7% in waste tire recycling production.

As you have seen, there are numerous outlets where shredded waste tires can be used end-product materials. This means that there is a potential that you can start a fascinating new clients. There are a few steps that you will want to go by prior to deciding to launch your organization.

Starting A Waste Tire Recycling Business

First thing that you will have to do is identify suppliers of waste tires along with potential markets you are able to sell the recycled rubber to. You need to adhere to the tire manufacturing and recycling process so you will have a better understanding of what will happen to tires at every phase in the cycle.

Furthermore you will must find a web site location for your brand-new business. Following that, you will have to create your own business plan.

These are generally just some of the start steps you have got to follow while you are willing to set about a tire recycling business: Careful planning will be essential to avoid pitfalls and also to ensure your business stays profitable.

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